Colca Canyon & Arequipa
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Colca Canyon & Arequipa - World Class Travel Services

Colca Canyon & Arequipa:

Example 4-day itinerary:

Day 1:
Transfer from Arequipa airport to the city, known as "The White City," as most of the structures are built out of brilliant white volcanic stone: Overnight at Posada del Inca Arequipa.

Optional activities in Arequipa:
Visit the Andean Sanctuary Museum, with its collection of frozen Inca mummies. The most famous of these is Juanita, who, dressed in ceremonial robes, was sacrificed to the gods some 500 years ago and found on the nearby peak Ampato in 1995.

In the afternoon, tour the city's colonial treasures, including the neighborhood of San Lazaro, the Plaza de Armas, and the Santa Catalina Convent – a beautiful walled city with cobblestone walkways that dates from 1580 and is home to over 400 nuns.

Day 2: Arequipa - Colca Valley: Our overland expedition passes through a timeless landscape of sacred peaks and the world's deepest canyon, majestic condors and delicate vicuña, ancient agricultural terraces and pueblos all but forgotten since colonial times. Along the way, we'll enter the the Pampa Cañahuas, a reserve for vicuñas, llamas, alpacas and other indigenous species.

Late afternoon arrival in Chivay, capital of the Colca Valley. The altitude is even higher than Cuzco's, and the same advice regarding altitude sickness should be observed. We'll enjoy the hot springs of La Calera, located in a beautiful, open-air setting (entrance fee not included), before returning to the hotel for dinner.
Overnight at Mama Yacchi
Box lunch and dinner are included.

Day 3: Early start-up by bus to visit Cruz del Condor a unique opportunity to see Condors with the Canyon backdrop at its deepest point - an impressive view. The Andean Condor is the largest flying land bird on Earth, with a wingspan that has been known to reach up to 12 feet. You'll get eye-level views of these magnificent birds as they soar past on their way to look for food. The best months to view the condors are May through October.

Visit to the villages of Yanque, Maca and others.

On the return to Arequipa, we will see ancient tombs cut into the vertical cliff surface; pre-Inca scale-models of the agricultural terraces, carved into boulders at Choquetico and Antahuilque; and colonial pueblos. Arrival in Arequipa and transfer to your hotel: Sonesta Posada del Inca Arequipa.
Breakfast and lunch are included

Day 4: Breakfast. Transfer out Arequipa airport.

Call 1-800-771-3100.

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