Nature Lodges
Lodge Criteria
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Nature Lodges mission: To help support legitimate conservation organizations active in conservation of archaeological sites, protection of natural areas, and support for the rights of indigenous Indians:

Biodiversity Conservation • Wildlife Viewing
Travel Value • Operational Support

Each Nature Lodge is selected with the following criteria:
  • Active support is provided by the lodge for conservation of natural areas.
  • The lodge works for the benefit and well-being of local indigenous Indian communities.
  • The lodge strives to uphold the highest standards of environmental protection in the construction and operation of the lodge.
  • Advertisings and promotions by the lodge for wildlife viewing do in fact give an accurate portrayal of the average visitor's experience.
  • Operation's logistics are professional, management and guides are knowledgeable, and sincere efforts are made by the lodge to insure a visitor's safety and comfort.

Call 1-800-771-3100.

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