Cayman Lodge Amazonia
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Cayman Lodge Amazonia

Daily flights from Lima or Cusco to Puerto Maldonado and a 3.5 hour boat trip up the Tambopata River brings you to the Cayman Lodge Amazonia wildlife lodge.

Example 5 day itinerary:

We offer basic tours that can be modified depending on your personal interests. Our regular tour packages last 3 to 4 days.
With 5, 7 or 10 days you can organize your stay any way you like.

EXAMPLE Activities:

Early in the morning you will go on a canoe trip to observe birds, parrots, aras, squirrel, capucin and howler monkeys. All along the river you will learn to tell the difference between the different types of daytime animal cries. Breakfast then hike back to the lodges through the jungle where you will observe the biodiversity of the medicinal plants.
Lunch. You will visit a native community in the afternoon to discover how the locals live in the jungle. Dinner. Night spent at Cayman lodge amazonia.

Excursion through the jungle to Sachavacayoc lake for two hours and half. You will walk through the rainforest to observe medicinal plants. After that you will go explore the lake by canoe to observe the birds, giant otters, monkeys and other mammals.
Early lunch in the rainforest facing the lake. Return to the lodge. Relaxing. Night excursion to see caymans, capybaras and hear the jungle symphony. Night at the lodges.

Trip through the jungle to lake Condenado. After breakfast you will go for a thirty minute boat ride on the Tambopata river, then walk in the jungle for an hour before arriving at the lake. There you will able to admire the aras, parrots, mammals and monkeys.
Lunch. Then you will go on a tour of a local community in the afternoon to observe the daily life of people who live in the jungle. Dinner. Nocturnal outing to look for Caymans, Capybaras and other nocturnal species. You will get to listen to the symphony of the tropical rainforest.

Trip through the jungle to lake Condenado. After breakfast you will continue your boat trip on the Tambopata river for 30 minutes, listening to the sounds of the jungle. Then you will walk for an hour through the amazonian rainforest to observe the different varieties of medicinal plants. You will then go down to the lake on board the canoe to see the birds, aras, parrots, different species of monkeys and mammals. Lunch. There will be a 3 hour boat trip on the Tambopata river in the afternoon going all the way to Chuncho. Then you will spend the night at a camp site that specially equipped for the occasion. During the evening there will be a short walk in the forest to discover the nocturnal fauna.
La Kolpa 1 (Macaw Clay Lick): Wake up at dawn to see the sunrise before our tour of Kolpa 1. You will see a wide variety of parrots and aras, then back to the lodges for lunch. This afternoon will be the perfect time to go swimming. Dinner. Noctural activities: listening to the jungle from the river: Caymans & Capybaras.

Special shamanism tour package: This tour package can only be done during a minimum stay of 5 to 7 days. You will be able to learn about everything concerning natural medicine and if you so desire to be able to experience the past, present and the future during the ceremony.
The Ayahuasca Ceremony is a rite. The "Ayahuasca" is prepared by the shaman alone in the forest. The "Ayahuasca" is a special concoction made from four basic plants mixed together called: "Chacruna", "To", "Tabacco" and "Chiric Sanango". It must macerate for twelve hours in a kettle without boiling. After taking the Ayahuasca, the shaman will sing in the "Quechua" or "Aymara" dialect which will let him communicate with the plant. The trance will last at least two hours.

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Call 1-800-771-3100.

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