Cayman Lodge Amazonia
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Cayman Lodge Amazonia


Cayman Lodge Amazonia:
Cayman lodge amazonia includes a living room, dining room, Peruvian-style rooms, a kitchen, storage room and hamac room.

The lodges are built here in typical wood with big bay windows protected by mosquito netting and roofs thatched with palm leaves. These installations are in harmony with the rainforest and will allow you to live an unforgettable dream. Electricity, candles and kerosene lamps are sometimes used to create a romantic and natural ambiance.

The lodges have matrimonial chambers and individual bedrooms with two double beds, a bathroom and running water at room temperature.
All the lodges have a table and armchairs outside to relax on.

The main entry has a living room and a big covered dining room protected with metallic mosquito netting. Coffee, hot water, herbal tea, fruit and cookies are available around the clock 24 hours a day.

There is also a bar for socializing, games and books next to the dining room. The hammock room has a view up and down the Tambopata river and is perfect for relaxing.

Meals are prepared by our cooks with quality traditional products: some are Peruvian, others are vegetarian and still others have international flavors.

A generator is only used during meals to charge the batteries that are used for radio communication and to prepare meals.

Cayman Lodge

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Call 1-800-771-3100.

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