Inca Trail Important Notes
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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Important Notes
Our Inca Trail World Class Service does not pool other operators' clients into our groups.

• The porters carry all your heavy camping gear but this is inaccessible during the day so please bring a small day-pack to carry your personal day gear in ie water-bottle, iodine tablets, camera, sun-block, insect repellent, light fleece and rain jacket.
• Due to new Inca trail rules limiting the porters to 20Kg weight and the number of porters to two per person, we have to limit your heavy gear to 10Kg per person this is usually more than adequate. We recommend friends share a rucksack to achieve this.
• Any excess gear may be stored in Cusco at your hotel whilst on the Inca trail.
• Inca trail regulations stipulate Ski poles are only allowed on the Inca trail with PLASTIC PROTECTING COVERS. This is to prevent trail damage.
• We implement a 'porter protection policy' that ensures all porters are well treated, paid, fed and looked after. But we only supply them with staff jumpers (uniform). Most good quality sporting equipment is unavailable in Peru so if anyone wishes to donate any outdoor clothes, sleeping bags, etc they will be gratefully received by any of our staff.

Exploring Cusco by Peter Frost
The White Rock by Hugh Thomson
Conquest of the Incas by John Hemming

The "Inca Trail" travels through a remote and rarely visited part of Peru and we believe our clients should be aware that the remoteness that makes the Inca Trail so very special could also cause certain problems.
Thus, whilst we endeavour to minimise the chances of anything unexpected happening, it has to be noted that no itinerary can or should be rigidly adhered to. This is the very nature of Adventure Travel and we expect our clients to be prepared for delays and slight alterations in our programmed events. In all cases we will advise you of any changes in the itinerary as early as possible. We have taken all these possibilities into account when planning this expedition and have allowed sufficient leeway to enable us to successfully run this exceptional trip.

The Inca Trail involves trekking over several high passes up to 4200m and involves steep descents on old Inca steps -it is recommended that all clients should have some previous trekking experience and should be in reasonable fitness.

You should also be aware that adventure travel, in particular trekking, whitewater rafting, inflatable canoeing, mountain biking and travelling in remote areas such as Southern Peru, does carry with it certain inherent risks that you, the client, will have to assume. We recommend that you have adequate travel insurance to cover these risks and any costs incurred due to sickness, delayed flights and other factors out of PeruPeru World Class Services control.

A pre-departure meeting will be held on the day before departure. It is highly recommended you attend. All clients will be asked to sign a release and waiver form and must provide a photocopy of their passport, Peru entry stamp and details of their travel insurance (if any).

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